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I just wanted to let you know that I received the typewriter and have been using it almost daily. The machine is immaculate. I am astonished that this is not some “new old stock” that you found hidden in a warehouse! What unbelievable work you have done. We are blessed to have your shop around.

Paul S.

I am very pleased with my very recent purchase of a dark green 1957 SM3 DeLuxe Olympia manual typewriter. It was certainly wrapped well. And it arrived in a very timely manner. I don’t have anyplace to put it yet, but that’s beside the point.

Harry H.

I received my 1955 Olympia SM3 this afternoon. Thank you again for the opportunity to purchase this machine, and for your fine restoration work. For the past few years I have been looking for the ‘right’ SM3. This machine, down to the year and color, is the same model my grandfather used on a daily basis, and on which I learned to type. Thank you again. When I use this machine I will think of my grandfather. I promise to be a good caretaker.

Robert R.

I just purchased the Black Olympia SM4. Could not be happier. You folks did a great job on the typewriter.

Mark C.

I received my Olympia SM9 on Friday last. The machine was packed in the most professional way. Nothing could possibly happen to it. After opening it, I was amazed at what my eyes beheld. It looked brand new. Of course, it typed just as beautifully as it looked. I don’t know how you do it, but it was amazing and I am so glad I purchased it. I’m sure I will have many years to enjoy this fine machine.

Larry S.

Was very impressed with the packaging and instructions included with the typewriter. The item itself was exactly as described and is more beautiful in person! Amazing seller A+++

Leah P.

Beautifully refurbished typewriter, exactly as described. Careful packaging, quick shipping, and overall just a great transaction

Nicholas L.

The pictures and description didn’t do enough justice for how pristine this typewriter is. It’s like someone took the Delorean back to 1965 and plucked a brand new one off the shelf and brought it back. Absolutely flawless and functions well too! Thank you!

Dan. P. L.

This Olympia SM3 is in lovely condition and is functioning well. It was packed well for shipping with unpacking instructions included. And it arrived light years before estimated delivery time. Overall, nicely done!

Dan C.

Very well packed. Beautiful functioning typewriter, and with the reproduction manual it’s almost like I just bought it in 1958. Very pleased and I hope you continue the great work in keeping these available for the next generation of typewriter fans.

Tyler N.

My 1968 Olympia SM9 De Luxe arrived today on the first day of the estimated delivery window. The outer packaging was sturdy and padded, ensuring that the case and machine itself were protected. Upon opening and testing, the machine appears to be literally brand-new. Unless this typewriter had been sitting in an unopened box for more than 50 years (unlikely), the amount of dedicated professional attention required to restore it to this state is unbelievable. These machines were built in a time and place when quality was valued and attention to detail was the norm for a top-line company such as Olympia. I am AWESTRUCK by the quality of the product, and the obvious care taken to ensure that it was in the best possible condition. This typewriter will likely outlive me, but in the event I manage to write so voluminously that I wear it out, I will absolutely find another gem from Classic Vintage Typewriters. Thank you so much for helping me rediscover the absolute joy of manual typing.

Brendan M.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that this typewriter is brand new. It was packaged well and everything sounds and feels mechanically perfect.


Immaculately restored typewriter, carefully packed and promptly delivered. A+++!

Jeff G.

Beautiful typewriter lovingly restored. I appreciate this gift to myself!

D. Meyer

First and foremost I would like to say that I was very skeptical when making the decision of purchasing the typewriter. Edward kindly and patiently, answered every single question I had giving me the confidence to place the order. The typewriter arrived a day before it’s estimated delivery date, in magnificent condition exactly as seen in the photos, very well packed and even had a typewritten note with my name thanking me for purchasing it. Words can not describe how satisfied I am.

Robert S.

This is the best typewriter I have ever typed on!

RJ Cappadona Jr

The SM3 I bought from you arrived, and it’s in beautiful shape, perfectly restored. I’d read positive statements about how carefully you pack your typewriters and wondered what that sort of great packing would look like, but I had no idea! I’ve never seen anything packed so completely and so well, and the machine seems to type as well as it undoubtedly did when it was new. I speak from the experience of long ago (over 55 years) breaking in both an SM9 and an SM5, so I know what a new Olympia portable feels like, and THIS IS IT. Thanks so very much for having this machine available and for selling it to me. Typewriters forever! I wish I’d done this twenty or thirty years ago. I suppose that after all this time, it’s impossible to abandon the computer entirely, but for my own writing, this has always been the best way to go. I’m just sorry it took me this long. Again, many, many thanks.

David M. L.

I received a BEAUTIFUL 1958 Olympia SM3 De Luxe demonstrating impeccable workmanship. It arrived carefully packaged on the first day of the estimated delivery date. Edward and his team take the care and restoration of these machines very seriously.

Ty N.

I recently purchased from you, and received, a 1957 Olympia portable typewriter. It arrived in perfect condition and I wish to give you a 5-star rating. I had an Olympia SM3 I purchased about 1960-1961. I used that typewriter to finish two years of high school, and 3 university degrees. I kept it for over 50 years and eventually gave it away thinking a laptop was all I needed. I regret giving it away and now understand, even with a laptop, I still have need for a typewriter and I’m very happy to have this Olympia portable typewriter. Thank you very much.

Charles P.

The typewriter arrived in perfect shape and raring to go – It is the perfect tool for me!

Alison V.

I am enjoying the SM3 a lot.

Tom R.

Extremely well packaged. The extra care did not go un-noticed. Thank you! A+++++

Midhat H.

So pleased! Item was packed VERY carefully, and arrived in Great shape! Thank you!

Pam T.

Just wanted to say that the typewriter is beautifully restored and truly perfect. It was well packaged, arrived on time and types perfectly. I am not a collector. I simply wanted one machine that would work well for years to come. I extremely pleased with my purchase. Thank you. Sincerely,

Ben B.

This typewriter I purchased is in mint condition and I highly recommend Classic Vintage typewriters! Clearly a 5 star Product & Service!

Patricia P.J.

Beautifully restored typewriter to its brand new condition. Parts do not show any wear. Type set is aligned well vertically and linear. Wouldn’t believe this typewriter is 62 years old. Love it so much I’m thinking of getting another unit 10 CPI.

Edwin N.

Please extend to your colleagues my appreciation for providing my students these beautiful works of art. They have loved every one, and these typewriters have taken their writing in new directions. We are grateful.

Paul B.

Terrific Typewriter!!!! Item exactly as described and shipped Promptly!!!

Brian E.

Great communications. Will be watching for more typewriters – A+++++

Nancy P.

WOW!!! I feel like a kid again on Christmas morning! This Olympia SM3 is beyond perfect and is a joy to operate. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with this purchase. Extra props for the professional packaging and instructions for removing the plastic wrapping. A+++ seller!

Leigh H.

Beautifully restored typewriter. Meticulously packed and promptly shipped.

Murray S.

Received my ‘new’ 1957 Olympia SM3, and have to say it is stunning! Starting with what had to be an already pristine specimen, your restoration and attention to detail is amazing! If there was a ‘Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance’ for typewriters, it would win best in show! Great people, service, packing & shipping.

Ron T.

I absolutely love this typewriter. It is gorgeous and works wonderfully. Packaging was meticulous and it arrived safe from harm.

Rebecca H.

Very nice seller! A pleasure to do business with.

Tom S.

You did a lovely job with this beauty. Very well-packed, too. Thanks!

Patrick M. O.

Typewriter has been cleaned and restored. No smell, works like a new machine. The Typewriter was expertly packed with no damage upon shipping. All in all an excellent transaction. Thank you!

L. F. Schwartz

Great seller AAAAAA

K. Hahn

I was blown away by the immaculate condition of my Olympia SM3 DeLuxe!

Michael C.

The MOST professional vendor, BEST product, QUICKEST delivery, etc. ever ever.

Don J. H.

I received my 1954 Olympia SM3 last Friday, and could not be more pleased with this machine. It arrived in incredible shape, and has been meticulously restored. I have been typing on it for the past few days, and can’t tell you how impressed with the condition and performance of my typewriter. This is my first typewriter, and every part of this experience has been tremendous.

Jeremy G.

Perfect packaging, excellent restoration that looks new.

Joseph W. S. II

WOW this typewriter is everything described and better! Thank you!

Robert P.

Classic Vintage Typewriters is unparalleled in the quality of product, presentation, packaging and service provided. If you are fortunate enough to find the vintage typewriter of your dreams in their inventory, DO NOT HESITATE to make the purchase. Prompt, unsurpassed attention to detail, prevalent instruction on unpacking and getting started with your typewriter…I could go on and on! THE BEST!

Patricia M.

I am happy that your business is flourishing and that you have another satisfied customer. I wish you continued success and health. I will recommend your site to anyone I know that is in need of a classic vintage machine.

Stephen K. A.

The typewriter arrived beyond my wildest expectations. It looked like it was brand new! It’s wonderful owing such a piece of working history right at my fingertips. I would recommend Classic Vintage to anyone.

James M. R.

The typewriter was as described by the seller, wear is minimal and as expected from a classic piece as this, but the restoration is gorgeous. The typewriter looks and feels almost as new, you can see the attention to detail from the seller when he restored it. It was packed carefully and was well protected, the typewriter was sent to NY and from there to UAE arriving in perfect conditions

Roman E.

Excellent product..beautifully refurbished typewriter. The photo is the exact typewriter that was sent and looks and operates great.

Rob N.

This is my 2nd typewriter that I have purchased with this seller. Again. Arrived on time in excellent condition. Beautifully restored. Types perfectly. I highly recommend using this seller and the typewriter that they sell are all in near new condition. I think it just shows the workmanship that goes into restoring one of these machines. A 3rd one is on its way. Thank you.

Scott M.

Whaaaat! are you sure this isn’t a totally new typewriter? ! Amazing refurbishment! It looks brand new! Gorgeous ! thanks!

Jo-an M.

Everything arrived safely & worked perfectly. Great job shrink-wrapping & protecting the typewriter. Appreciate the encased reproduction of the SM3 manual & soft cloth. Could not find a key to the case but that is a small thing. Excellent experience & I am very impressed!

Graham A.

Excellent machine. I purchased the Black 1951 Olympia SM2 and it arrived on time looking brand new. Beautifully restored. Types perfectly. Customer service ( Edward ) was very quick to reply back to my emails with questions I had about the machine and shipping. Very informative on the history of the Black SM2 that I had purchased too. Would I buy again from them? YES!"

Scott M.

The typewriter arrived in excellent condition, well packed and serviced, almost like new. The instructions were clear and helpful. My wife was delighted with this gift. I never realized this typewriter could write in cursive but it does which is amazing. It is not intended for actual use but rather as an antique/art object to decorate her desk, next to her computer. She used to have one when she was a child/teenager. As a computer programmer all my life, I find it kinda silly, but I gotta admit, it does feel real. There’s something about the physical aspects of the machine, being almost all of it exposed. It’s like an automatic watch with the bottom glass so you can see its movements, but even more so. Then there’s the results: the typed pages do look good, much different than inkjet or laser. I guess we are going to start using it for greeting cards and such – just for the style. Last but not least, the rediscovery of the consequences of making mistakes… you need to type that letter when you’re sure about it! Anyway, if you are into antique machines like that, grab a typewriter and spend a few hours with it – it will take you back and you will appreciate your computer/printer even more.

M. dos Santos

My Olympia SM3 arrived yesterday, and a fantastic machine it is. Thank you for dispatching it so promptly, and it arrived safely down here in New Zealand in what appears to be perfect working order. Given that it was built in 1957, you have refurbished it to a very high standard!

Martin F.

I bought this typewriter for my wife for her birthday. It was shipped on time and packed very well. The typewriter is pristine and beautiful. The seller has made my wife and myself very happy. I would strongly recommend this seller to anyone interested in a restored vintage typewriter. Much thanks!

Rachid F. I.

Wonderful attention to detail. Excellent packaging. Fast delivery. Quick detailed responses to questions. Would purchase from again.

Teresa B.

My son is a poet and loves to post on Instagram. He types his poems, photographs them, and then posts. This typewriter enhances the presentation and invites more viewers. I only have good things to say about Classic vintage Typewriter Company. The refurbished typewriter is beautiful and as pictured.


Great product, exactly as described…SO happy with the purchase.

David S.

This particular Olympia has been immaculately restored. This seller not only restored it to ‘like new’ condition, but they shipped it immediately within hours of my placing the order in a very secure package. I highly recommend Classic Vintage Typewriters!

Miles G.

This was a RUSH order and Edward made it happen!! The Olympia SM4 S is amazing, better than expected and just what the young writer needed for inspiration!! Thank you again for your great service and quality product!

Denise B. M.

I could not be happier with the service of this seller. Not only did the item arrive quickly, but was packed with expert care. Also the seller was kind enough to answer my questions quickly via email about the product. The typewriter itself is astounding. It is truly a beautiful piece of history and I cannot wait to gift it to my sister on her birthday. Thank you so much!


I am very pleased with this item. It arrived way before I expected it. Item works beautifully. I will buy again for this seller.


The typewriter was beautifully restored. What a machine! I’m completely in love with it.

Graham T.

I just received my typewriter (EARLY, by the way, even during holiday madness), and it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. In fact, I wish I could type this review on my 1956 Olympia SM3, because what I’ve typed thus far looks beautiful.

Brittany F.

My girlfriend had seen the 1958 Olympia SM3 & immediately fell in love with it. Classic Vintage Typewriters delivered the Typewriter to us before Christmas on extremely short notice. They were extremely helpful with any questions and answered promptly. The typewriter arrived and is even more beautiful than advertised, thank you!

Amazon Customer

Speedy delivery of item as described! This is a beautifully restored vintage typewriter.

Robert H.

Beautiful, old typewriter restored well. You can tell it’s very good quality.

Vanessa V.B.

After doing an exhaustive amount of research I came across, Classic Vintage Typewriters. I purchased an impeccably restored 1955 Olympia SM3 De Luxe typewriter. If you are in the market for a vintage typewriter that has been expertly restored to provide decades more of reliable operation, Classic Vintage Typewriters is the only place you should consider purchasing a typewriter.


Typewriter arrived much earlier than estimated by amazon. The machine was impeccably restored. Beautifully done. My wife and I are very happy with it. Not a bad price to own a fantastic piece of history. We will keep this typewriter in the family for many generations to come. We highly recommend buying from Classic Vintage Typewriters. You won’t be disappointed.

Larry J.

Like new


Arrived on July 7 AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! Great response from seller. Product arrived in excellent condition. Transaction exceeded my expectations!!!

Amazon Customer

The time and craftsmanship Classic Vintage Typewriters put into restoring this far exceeded my expectations; ‘professionally restored’ is an understatement! Even better was CVT’s OUTSTANDING customer service, working closely with me to provide faster shipping and correct failures on both Amazon and FedEx’s side, going so far as to pay out of pocket to make sure my gift arrived on time. Thank you!!

Amazon Customer

I was nervous; I’ve never bought anything this big online before. Seller provided excellent packing, instructions, email communication, and product. I love my manual typewriter. I just have get used to the manual mechanics again, but I love my vintage typewriter. Thank you Classic Vintage Typewriters and Germany!

J. S. Cardenas

Great Experience and delightful customer service!


I was very impressed with every aspect of this transaction. Indeed seller’s thoroughness is highly commendable. Thanks.


Wonderful buying experience. I bought this item as a gift for someone, I’m excited to see it when he opens it. A+ seller!

Tina W.


eBay Customer

Absolutely gorgeous; couldn’t be more pleased. Shipped fast and well packaged.

eBay Customer

Excellent restoration. You are very highly recommended.

eBay Customer

Beautiful Typewriter, Just as described. Thank You.

eBay Customer

Exactly what I was expecting! I am very happy with this purchase!!!

eBay Customer

Terrific job of restoration.

eBay Customer

Perfection! advice,packing,quick ship/classic typewriter; stellar seller! Thanks!

eBay Customer

Just a piece of artwork! Beautifully restored and more than happy. Top service.

eBay Customer

Solid vintage typewriter, v. well packed & shipped quickly. Professional seller.

eBay Customer

Terrific packaging, fast shipping and a gorgeous machine exactly as described.

eBay Customer

Typewriter exceeds expectations! Beautifully restored! Well packed. Love it!

eBay Customer

Superb!! Looks like it came straight from Wilhelmshaven!! Fast shipping, too!!

eBay Customer

Absolutely stellar. Machine. Packing. Shipping. The best you’ll find.

eBay Customer

Fabulous communication. The typewriter was perfect. Shipping perfect.

eBay Customer

An absolute gem! Appreciate the fast shipping and knowledgeable communication 😉

eBay Customer

Excellent and speedy service. typewriter arrived in great condition. thank you

eBay Customer

BEAUTIFUL machine; works great. Fast shipping. Thank you!!

eBay Customer

Buy with confidence! Great seller, great restored product! I’m very happy

eBay Customer

Beautiful typewriter, packaged very securely, would purchase from seller again

eBay Customer

Typewriter was perfect! Came snug and tight. Very fast shipping. Impressive. Thanks!

eBay Customer